I recommend using a browser that complies with W3C Web Standards to view this site. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE8 do the best job of following the standards. I no longer support IE6. Users of that browser will still be able to view content, but it won't be pixel-perfect or all that pretty. I simply can't devote any more time to a seriously flawed browser used by less than 10% of web users.

My favorite browser is Firefox, not only because it follows W3C guidelines, but also because of the many add-ons that make browsing the internet much easier. As a web developer, I can tell you that the web developer toolbar, firebug, Colorzilla and the numerous other free add-ons have made me much more productive! If your browser is older than your car, please download any of the following:

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Latest Project

Recent additions to my portfolio include OSU Trombones, ITF2007, and the Getzen Gazette.