Annotated Guide to Bass Trombone LiteratureAnnotated Guide to Bass Trombone Literature
Thomas G. Everett

The third (and last) edition of Tom Everett's book was published in 1985. A lot has been composed for our instrument since then, but this is still a must-have.

From the introduction...
" Annotated Guide to Bass Trombone Literature was published to inform the reader about literature (especially difficult to locate manuscripts) for the bass trombone; to assist students and performers in preparing balanced and diverse recital programming; and, to encourage bass trombonists to play music specifically intended for the bass trombone."

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Duke's 'Bones: Ellington's Great TrombonistsDuke's 'Bones: Ellington's Great Trombonists
Kurt Dietrich

"In this engaging history of Duke Ellington's trombonists, Kurt Dietrich simultaneously honors an instrument often slighted in the literature and opens up a new chapter in the study of jazz orchestration and composition. Focusing on one section of the Ellington band allows Dietrich to get inside the creative process of give-and-take that characterized this extraordinary ensemble. And with his intimate knowledge of the trombone and its capabilities, Dietrich can explain both how Ellington's brass players invented such a richly expressive tonal vocabulary and employed it with such awe-inspiring eloquence."

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Trombone TechniqueTrombone Technique
Denis Wick

This valuable resource was written by Denis Wick, former principal trombonist of the London Symphony. The subject matter is wide-ranging, spanning from slide positions to orchestral trombone technique. As this book was written in the 1970s, some areas such as equipment are a little dated. However, it is a must for every teacher's library.

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The Trombone Masters: A History of the Jazz TromboneThe Trombone Masters: A History of the Jazz Trombone
Steven Loewy

"Trombone Masters is divided into two parts. The first traces the development and evolution of the trombone in jazz, from early styles and players, to the swing era and artists like Jack Teagarden, to bebop and such exemplars as J. J. Johnson, and on to postbop, jazz-funk, avant-garde, free jazz, and beyond. The second part contains reviews of the major jazz albums with prominent trombonists working either as leaders or sidemen. Along with dozens of photographs, a discography for major artists is included."

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The Art of Trombone PlayingThe Art of Trombone Playing
Edwards Kleinhammer

"Edward Kleinhammer joined the Chicago Civic Orchestra, the training orchestra for the Chicago Symphony, in 1940. After two years he was accepted by the CSO, where he remained for his entire career until he retired in 1985. He has played under every Chicago Symphony Orchestra conductor, covering from Frederick Stock to Sir Georg Solti. In 1986 he received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Trombone Association."

Edward Kleinhammer's book is one of the most important texts in the trombonist's library.

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The Inner Game of MusicThe Inner Game of Music
Barry Green & W. Timothy Gallwey

"By the best-selling co-author of Inner Tennis, here's a book designed to help musicians overcome obstacles, help improve concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to reach new levels of performing excellence and musical artistry. Inner Game suggests techniques for overcoming self-consciousness and improving musical performances, shares a variety of exercises, and includes advice on improving one's listening skills."

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The Cambridge Companion to Brass InstrumentsThe Cambridge Companion to Brass Instruments
Trevor Herbert & John Wallace, editors

"The Cambridge Companion to Brass Instruments provides an overview of the history of brass instruments, and their technical and musical development. Much of the volume is devoted to the way brass instruments have been used in classical music, but there are also important contributions on the ancient world, non-Western music, vernacular and popular traditions and the rise of jazz."

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Brass Instruments: Their History and DevelopmentBrass Instruments: Their History and Development
Anthony Baines

Just about anyone who has done a research paper on brass instruments has used this book. Baines' resource covers brass instruments from their beginnings all the way through modern times. Since it was originally published in 1976, recent innovations and manufacturing techniques are not covered. Overall, a good resource.

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A Complete Guide to Brass Instruments and TechniquesA Complete Guide to Brass Instruments and Techniques
Scott Whitener

"This authoritative guide provides all the pedagogical, historical, and technical material necessary for the successful instruction of brass. Chapters discuss the historical development of individual brass instruments and focus on technique, including guidance for teachers and a complete method for brass playing. Individual instrument chapters include lists of recommended study material and reference sources."

Used as the text book in many brass techniques courses.

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