New Aharoni Method

The Non-Classic Bass TromboneMost bass trombonists are familiar with Eliezer Aharoni’s New Method for the Modern Bass Trombone. It’s a great resource, especially for those wanting to develop a solid low register. Aharoni recently wrote a new method for commercial and jazz (not improv) bass trombone chop development. The Non-Classic Bass Trombone also comes with two demo/play-along CDs. Micha Davis, bass trombonist in the Israel Philharmonic, performs on the discs. The text is 160 pages and sells for $40 at

Below are video excerpts featuring both Aharoni and Davis.

Funkey Blues
A Weird Ballad
Duet 1
Duet 3
The Mute Shop, Part 1
The Mute Shop, Part 2
The Mute Shop, Part 3

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