Dreamweaver CS3 Bug

Long time between posts. I’m either really busy or really dull.

I was working on some templates today when Dreamweaver CS3 alerted me that it had to close. Since it wasn’t the first time DW decided it doesn’t like my floats, I wasn’t too bothered. I restarted DW but it immediately shut down again. I restarted my PC. Same thing. I shut down my PC completely and tried booting it again. Same thing. I hate Vista.

Instead of quitting early and watching the NCAA’s, I did a Google search. I found lots of generic advice telling me to uninstall everything Adobe, clean the registry, etc. I didn’t think the problem was that serious, so I kept reading and found a blurb talking about a weird 8 KB bug (thanks, David Powers). Apparently, if a file is saved at exactly 8,192 bytes, Dreamweaver will take its toys home. So I opened the directory to see what my latest work file size was. It wasn’t 8 KB, but rather exactly 48 KB. (I know, that’s huge. Don’t blame me, blame the design team. It looks great, though.) I’m no math genius, but I do know that 48 is a multiple of 8. So I opened the file in TextPad and added some commented gibberish and saved. With fingers crossed, I opened DW and it didn’t crash.

There you have it. No thirty minute unintall/reinstall. No registry sweep.

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4 Responses to “Dreamweaver CS3 Bug”

  1. Diane Stafford Says:

    Thanks for this info, I’ve been having a similar thing with dreamweaver cs3 on mac, although it did recover ok – just checked the file and it is a multiple of 8. cheers for the tip, Di

  2. Josh Says:

    Thanks for the message, Di. I’m glad I could help.


  3. Shannon Says:

    OMG, this article save my A@$

    You saved me a load of time and I no longer have my back up dreamweaver CD. I can not tell you thank you enough for putting this out there!

  4. Josh Says:

    Hi, Shannon. Now you can get back to focusing on IE6 bugs like a good web designer.

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