I’m doing it wrong…

…or so I was told by tech support at Hostway. When a client’s shopping cart (hosted by Hostway) went offline on August 10th, I immediately started a trouble ticket in site admin. It went unanswered for a number of days before I received a follow-up email asking for more info. Another week went by before they told me the issue had been sent upstairs to second level support. Now what you need to realize is that Hostway’s second level support is a very difficult area to penetrate and remaining there is next to impossible. It started when I responded to an email from tech support. Below is the message I submitted this morning using Hostway’s ticket submission tool:

I just received this email from you this morning:

Email from Hostway:
Hi there,

We don’t think you understand the request situation.

Our message to you asks you to inquire on a new support ticket when you need to because when you reply to these emails you pull the issue out of advanced technical.

So each time we have sent it up, you have pulled it back down.

Please in the future inquire using Site Control > support > create a new ticket and reference this number, not reply to it.

Hopefully we can solve this for you very soon, thanks, have a good day.

This is getting totally ridiculous. If by sending an email to support@hostway.com causes my ticket to be removed from the second-level support system, then the process is seriously flawed. Regardless if that actually happens, I followed your instructions sent to me yesterday to a tee. You didn’t mention anything about opening a new ticket:

Previous Email from Hostway:
We have submitted your message to our second-level support staff for consultation on the matter. We will get back to you as soon as we can with a response.

If you wish to inquire about this issue, please send a NEW email to our support team, and reference the HW number in the subject line.

There is NO place to add the HW number to a subject line in your support ticket form. Secondly, you very clearly stated “email.”

I first reported this error on August 10. My clients and I spend close to $4000 a year having Hostway host our sites. We’ve done so for close to six years. I hate to get contentious, but your lack of response coupled with your confusing support system have me very frustrated. My client is losing money and your best effort is to tell me that I’m doing it wrong.

I’m as loyal a customer as any company could want. I badger my friends to shop at Costco, watch DirecTV, and rent movies using Netflix. Hostway used to be on the list.

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2 Responses to “I’m doing it wrong…”

  1. Carl Stringer Says:

    The process is broken and they don’t seem to be interested in fixing it…or it could be some kind of aversion therapy for people who think they need to know the progress of their issue.

    Imagine that.

  2. Roger Theriault Says:

    I’m getting ready to ditch Hostway too (I imagine you have already). I’m afraid I gave them too much of my patience – I’ve had similar customer service issues in the past 2 years (except with email not getting through to me).

    I’m also a Costco member, Costco promotes Hostway/Valueweb as a service, and I figured if I couldn’t get Hostway to change, maybe Costco could… that didn’t work out… but now I’m just hoping Costco drops Hostway, it can only hurt them.

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