If you’re like me, you like free stuff. Not only free stuff, but free stuff that makes your life easier, better, more interesting, whatever.

One of the free things I use every day is Gmail. It changed my life over two years ago. Every time I’m forced to open a traditional email app now, I feel like I’ve traded in my Xbox 360 for an Atari 2600. Folders? Give me a break. Thirty entries for a single thread? Added clutter in an already cluttered inbox. If you want searchability, threading, the ability to access your email from anywhere, loads of space, virus protection, then ditch Outlook and get Gmail.

Google docs hasn’t had quite the same impact as Gmail, at least not yet. But it’s getting better thanks to a recent update. Web Worker Daily has a great review of this latest offering, highlighting GD’s strengths and offering up some suggestions to make it better. It doesn’t have everything we need — yet — but hey, it’s free.

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