New Method for the Modern Bass Trombone
Eliezer Aharoni

Special thanks to Eliezer Aharoni for providing the following overview of his bass trombone method.

New Method for the Modern Bass TromboneNew Method for The Modern Bass Trombone is a 180 page book designed for a bass trombonist (at any level) to master any version and valve setup currently in use:

  • Single Valve in F
  • Single Valve with E pull
  • Double Valve (side by side): Second valve in flat E, in E flat, and in D
  • In line: B flat - F - G - E flat, B flat - F - G flat - D, and long tuning slide on 2nd valve
  • New: Single valve in F with a sliding E extension ("Slex").

The book includes text covering the development of the bass trombone, discussing each valve setup of bass trombone and its advantages and disadvantages.

The book suggests a simplified, easy to operate annotation system; chart for each combination; specially tailored exercises for each valve setup.

The book's starting point is the single valve in F - the most basic equipment to begin bass trombone playing. Each new position is systematically introduced first with preparatory excercises, scales and arpeggios, incorporating the newly-learned valve notes with respective "straight horn" notes. Then specially-tailored comprehensive excersices follow, in diverse keys, meters and styles, for further mastering the respective position. Then pedal notes are introduced - the straight horn pedal notes and the respecting valve pedal note. at the end of each section are special exercises featuring the glissandos available with each setup.

Eliezer Aharoni is bass trombonist in the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

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Reviews of Aharoni's Method

I am both pleased and thankful to see Mr. Aharoni's Method in print, as it represents the most complete, logical and valuable single source to the understanding and mastering the instrument, the development and the intelligent use of the double valve and exposure to many of the valve and slide possibilities not presented in other texts. With diligent practice and careful listening, all students, performers and teachers may gain from the trial and work that have gone into Mr. Aharoni's Method.

Thomas G. Everet
Harvard University

Mr. Aharoni suggests a new thinking process pertinent to the bass trombone and includes a host of original studies of mixed meters and unusual tonalities. I highly recommend this publication to be a part of every bass trombonist's library.

Edward Kleinhammer
Chicago Symphony Orchestra (retired)

I find the excersices to be challenging technically and rewarding musically, and even though no method is perfect, I do feel that this is the most complete and effective method for bass trombone.

Robert Gifford
Brass Bulletin, Switzerland

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